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Hi, I’m Blair. What I do is...
  • Demystify marketing
  • Inspire learning
  • Enable confidence

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The UNCMMN Perspective

Zombie looking youth in a high school classroom

That Time I Battled the Zombies in my College Classroom

Some of them had glazed over eyes. A few had gaping mouths in capable of uttering an answer. Those that were present might soon become part of th...
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Students asleep in a university lecture hall

I’m a Professor…I’m also a Fraud

Not many people have the privilege of earning the title of “professor”. I’ve done it. But it’s all a lie. When you hear the word prof...
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Black and white image of hanging lightbulbs, only one is lit

Uncomfortable Learning

It was an early spring day in Toronto. We were lingering over a coffee in the cool afternoon sun. My friend Kunal and I met while working in mark...
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Blair is an innovative thinker who is always looking to the outside world for great marketing ideas that he can apply to make his business even better. He has a curious mindset that drives him to do things differently. He’s also a great team player and constantly has a smile on his face.

Andrew Davis, Vice President–Marketing @ General Mills

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