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September 2017 – December 2017


Highlights of how I’m investing my time doing, trying, failing and learning | Creating the design for my personal brand – Testing the Bullet Journal – Designing curriculum and facilitating learning @ George Brown College – Facilitating learning  @ Canadian Marketing Association and…


Creating the design and website for my personal brand 

It’s time to invest in this for many reasons–and as an INTP, it’s taken me lots of time to get here. I’m grateful to be working with some very talented people to bring my personal brand to life–Kyle Sun for brand design, Ray Harripaul for photography and Jimmy Rose for UX design and website development.  

Testing the Bullet Journal for organization 

While technology is great, I’ve fought with app-based and online productivity tools because I was looking at a screen all the time–an endless drag and drop of my daily tasks. I felt the need to reset and build around a paper-based system. And then I discovered the Bullet Journal system designed by Ryder Carroll. Apparently others feel the same way because there’s a strong #bujo community on Instagram and tons of Bullet Journal ideas on Pinterest. So far, I’m loving the beauty in its simplicity and versatility. Thank you, Ryder.

Starting as program coordinator @ George Brown College 

In September, I took over as head of the Digital Media Marketing postgraduate program at George Brown College. This program launched 3 years ago and I’m excited to collaborate with faculty and administration colleagues, students and industry partners to take it to the next level. 

Designing curriculum @ George Brown College 

I truly love the challenge of learning experience design for marketing. This semester I led the curriculum update for the Digital Media Marketing postgraduate program. It’s the roadmap for the v2.0 of this popular program that will rollout starting in September 2018.

Facilitating learning @ George Brown College

My course mix this semester includes Social Media Marketing, Strategic Marketing Project and Work Experience Preparation. It’s been more challenging than usual because of a province-wide college strike in October-November. However, I’m extremely proud of the George Brown College student community who have been incredibly supportive of faculty during this very challenging semester for us all. 

Facilitating learning @ Canadian Marketing Association 

Through the spring and summer of 2017, I designed a new Digital Marketing Analytics online course in collaboration with the Canadian Marketing Association. It launched in September. I’m facilitating it for the 1st time–so far so good.

Building everyday strength @ Blast Athletic Club

I turned 40 in July. A healthy lifestyle is important to me–I need a strong body and mind to perform at the highest level of what I do. While I regularly ride a bicycle to commute and for recreation, I haven’t worked on my overall body strength in a couple of years. A friend introduced me to Blast Athletic Club–an a-maz-ing part gym, part community! Coaches Marv and Graeme create a friendly, motivating (and still challenging AF) place where all abilities are welcome. On the wall it says “Strength Is For Everyone”…and they truly mean it.

Updated: December 2017 | This is a snapshot of what I’m investing my time doing, trying, failing and learning–inspired by the Now Now Now project by Derek Sivers


About Blair Smith

“I’m a Professor of Marketing and Digital Media, and Head of the Digital Media Marketing postgraduate certificate program at George Brown College in Toronto. I consult as a Learning Experience Designer and Instructor to the Canadian Marketing Association on the Digital Analytics course.”

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