Analytics for Digital Marketing @ George Brown College

George Brown College is a fully accredited college of applied arts, business and technology in downtown Toronto. Part of the Centre for Business, the School of Marketing offers degree, diploma and postgraduate programs that blend fundamental marketing principles with applied practice.

The Brief

Following a curriculum review it was identified that the Digital Media Marketing (B413) postgraduate certificate program needed to add a course that provides learners with data analytics fundamentals along with practice and thinking by doing different digital marketing-related analysis.

My Role

Lead designer of Analytics for Digital Marketing course, a 15-week postgraduate-level course delivered in both hybrid (50% in-class, 50% online) and facilitated interactive online (100% online) formats. Launched in 2019.

Course facilitator from September 2019 to present.


  • Designed learning outcomes and course strategy around becoming an analytic-minded marketer who understands the fundamental steps in the data analysis process–with application of different types of digital marketing calculations, analysis and reporting practices
  • Collaborated with faculty and industry partners to write the course outline (a.k.a. strategy) and course semester supplement (a.k.a. action plan) documents
  • Integrated materials from Harvard Business Publishing and Google Analytics into learning content
  • Created bespoke learning content, assessments, activities and discussion questions
  • Use recorded learning modules and host live online workshops as part of the learning experience

Course Overview

Course Description

A page viewed, A post seen. A link clicked. Each one creates a data point that could be useful for marketing decision-making. Being able to make calculations, analyze different types data, identify insights and effectively communicate findings both verbally and visually is an essential skill for marketers. Students in Analytics for Digital Marketing will learn the data analytics process and build on it with fundamental principles and practices of analytics for digital marketing–both of which are essential to being an analytic-minded marketer. They will also demonstrate how to do different marketing measurement and analysis challenges, including practice with analytics software. 

Learning Outcomes

When you have earned credit for this course, you will have demonstrated the ability to: 

  1. Describe the characteristics and skills required of the analytic-minded marketer
  2. Explain how concepts of data, metric, analysis and insight are used as part of the analytics process
  3. Demonstrate application of the data analytics process from initial question to reporting using storytelling and data visualization techniques
  4. Conduct different types of measurement and analysis for digital marketing using analytics software and tools
  5. Interpret results for different digital marketing activities based on the marketing communication objective
  • Quizzes on fundamental concepts and terms for data analytics and/or analytics for digital marketing
  • A/B testing program using social networks–plan, execute and evaluate two A/B tests
  • Applied digital marketing analysis challenges using Google Analytics connected to the Google Merchandise Store dataset
  • Think like a data scientist to ask/answer an everyday question by doing the full data analytics process to deliver a report in the Slidedoc format

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Here’s what some of my learners have had to say about their experience in this Analytics For Digital Marketing course that I’ve facilitated:

Raka Tabassum
I wanted to thank you for caring for your learners so much; for being extremely approachable and for explaining marketing concepts in depth with lots of examples.
Monica Logan
I just wanted to send a quick thank you for this school year! Thank you for being so encouraging and doing everything you can to keep us motivated and supported throughout our program. Your knowledge and leadership provides us with a priceless model for our own careers! The school year went by much faster than I thought it would and I am so appreciative of all the time you have spent helping me grow over the course of it.