Content Marketing @ George Brown College

George Brown College is a fully accredited college of applied arts, business and technology in downtown Toronto. Part of the Centre for Business, the School of Marketing offers degree, diploma and postgraduate programs that blend fundamental marketing principles with applied practice.

The Brief

Following a curriculum review it was identified that the Digital Media Marketing (B413) postgraduate certificate program needed to add a course on content marketing, which is an essential strategy for modern marketing, that provides learners with the steps to develop a content marketing strategy along with practice creating and publishing content online.

My Role

Lead designer of Content Marketing course, a 15-week postgraduate-level course delivered in both hybrid (50% in-class, 50% online) and facilitated interactive online (100% online) formats. Launched in 2019.

Course facilitator from September 2019 to present.


  • Designed learning outcomes and course strategy around having learners plan and execute their own content marketing program–including a content marketing strategy, plan for content creation, publishing online and sharing on social networks
  • Collaborated with faculty and industry partners to write the course outline (a.k.a. strategy) and course semester supplement (a.k.a. action plan) documents
  • Integrated materials from Content Marketing Institute and Contently into learning content
  • Created bespoke learning content, assessments, activities and discussion questions
  • Use recorded learning modules and host live online workshops as part of the learning experience

Course Overview

Course Description

Content marketing is not a new strategy for marketing communication; its history can be traced back to the 1800’s. However, the importance of content marketing has elevated as marketing communication and technology have evolved to give brands more control over media platforms–website, email and social media–and publishing content for them. Students in Content Marketing will learn the strategy and planning process to set up a content marketing program to build a brand–exploring examples from both B2B and B2C marketing. They will also demonstrate how to plan, create, publish and analyze different formats of content. 

Learning Outcomes

When you have earned credit for this course, you will have demonstrated the ability to: 

  1. Identify the components that go into a content marketing strategy 
  2. Explain how content is used by different organizations/industries for marketing purposes 
  3. Develop a basic content marketing strategy and plan 
  4. Create different formats of content (i.e. written, visual, audio and/or video) for marketing using content creation and publishing software 
  5. Analyze content marketing using qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Quizzes on fundamental concepts and terms for content marketing
  • Brand content show and tell to find, evaluate and present a specific example of content marketing from a B2B or B2C
  • Content marketing strategy and plan for a content marketing program for their personal brand or an organization they’re a part of
  • Based on the content marketing strategy and plan; create multiple formats of core/“evergreen” content (i.e. written article, infographic, video and/or podcast) and publish online
  • Analysis and reflection report based on quantitative and qualitative analysis of their content marketing program during the course

Find more information about the Content Marketing (MARK4022) course at George Brown College website

Here’s what some of my learners have had to say about their experience in this Content Marketing course that I’ve facilitated:

Natasha Burtenshaw-deVries

From content strategy to the finer details of content creation, this course gave me a solid grounding in content marketing that I now use every day. Not only did the coursework help me build the skills needed to succeed professionally, but the portfolio pieces I created had a direct impact on me obtaining a full-time agency position two months before graduation. Beyond the learning material itself, Blair is a top-notch professor who is highly approachable, always open to feedback and truly cares about the success of his students.

Christine Wiederer
I graduated from the B413 program last December and just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you! 
One of our final assignments in your content class was to create a ‘brand kit’ with various pieces of content which could be useful for our portfolio or own endeavours down the road. I have used the concept I created for that assignment to launch my own brand recently and a few days ago it allowed me to land my very first client! 
It's funny how life slowly begins to come together! I hope your teachings are going amazing, thank you again and have an amazing summer! 
Rebecca Connolly
I feel like there are so many different routes to take when curating content that sometimes I struggle to quiet my mind and commit to a specific idea that will genuinely bring value to others. These suggestions are incredibly helpful and I am eager to get to work! 
I know that I have mentioned this to you before, but in an online learning environment where our interactions are limited, I think it is nice to be reminded that we are doing valuable work, so I just wanted to quickly commend you again for creating such a unique and engaging learning environment.
Thank you for always being available to provide insight and advice and for your constructive criticism and feedback on assignments. It truly changes the nature and overall success of the course when the professor genuinely cares about our education, which it is clear that you do. I have loved this course and can't wait to continue to implement the best practices we have learned. 
Elle Dhanani
I just wanted to thank you for the kind comments on my assignment. It really gave me a confidence boost I've been needing lately. I appreciate it. I really enjoyed the content marketing project. It's something I've always wanted to talk about but never knew how to go about it. My mentor wants me to continue the series. It got the most attention out of anything they published in March and I got feedback from 3 of the creatives I mentioned and a high up at (company X)–really happy it landed well!