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Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) is a national organization that represents the voice of the marketing profession in Canada. It provides a forum for members to participate in thought leadership events and conversations, to take professional development courses and seminars, and to develop standards for marketing practice that protect consumers and enable businesses to thrive.

The Brief

Canadian Marketing Association wants an analytics course for marketing practitioners that helps them to evaluate and to think critically about the marketing communication and digital media programs used in their organization.

Course overview for Digital Analytics by Blair Smith

My Role

Lead designer of the Digital Analytics course, a 10-week professional development certificate course in a facilitated, interactive online format. Launched in September 2017 and redesigned for September 2020.

Course facilitator from September 2017 to present.


  • Designed learning outcomes and course strategy around developing skills as an analytic-minded marketer who understands the fundamental steps in the data analysis process–with the application of different types of digital marketing analysis and reporting practices
  • Collaborated with CMA members to write course syllabus (a.k.a. strategy) document
  • Created bespoke learning content, assessments, activities and discussion questions
  • Use recorded video learning modules and hosted live webinars as part of the learning experience

Course Overview

Course Description

Digital Analytics is a 10-week online course designed for anybody working in marketing who wants to develop their skills as an analytic-minded marketer. This includes marketing professionals from aspiring managers to director-level, marketing consultants, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

This Digital Analytics course will take you through the fundamentals of data analytics for a manager–the analytics process, data sources and types, analysis methods, data storytelling and reports, and continuous improvement. Additionally, you will be able to apply the fundamentals to analyze and evaluate different digital marketing activities based on the objectives from brand building to performance. 

Throughout this course you will be provided with the processes, frameworks, and tools to make you feel more confident in your marketing decisions and investments.  The Canadian Marketing Association is proud to offer this industry-leading course so you can continue to develop your capacity as a 21st century marketing professional. You won’t become a data scientist–that’s a completely different job–but you will be a better data consumer. 

Are you ready to satisfy your analytic curiosity and to challenge both your critical thinking and creative thinking as a marketer by exploring the possibilities of digital marketing analytics? 

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  1. Describe the characteristics and skills required of the modern, analytic-minded marketer 
  2. Explain how fundamental concepts of data and analysis are used in the analytics process for marketing
  3. Demonstrate how to apply the data analytics process from initial question to reporting using data storytelling techniques and tools 
  4. Assign metrics specific to a marketing communication objective for different online communication formats and online media platforms  
  5. Perform different types of measurement and analysis for digital marketing using analysis software and tools 
  6. Evaluate the results of a digital marketing strategy based on the marketing communication objective
  • Discussion questions on being an analytic-minded marketer and describe parts of the data analytics process
  • Applied digital marketing analysis challenges using Google Analytics connected to the Google Merchandise Store dataset
  • Think like a data scientist to ask/answer an everyday question by doing the full data analytics process to deliver a report in the Slidedoc format

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Here’s what Gabriele Janes, Vice President – Learning @ Canadian Marketing Association, had to say about our collaboration on the Digital Analytics course since 2017:

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Blair on our Digital Analytics online course. His combination of marketing and teaching experience made him an ideal subject matter expert for this course. While designing course content, Blair demonstrated a shared dedication with the Canadian Marketing Association to ensure it will provide relevant learning to our students–who are marketing practitioners.