Digital Media Marketing @ George Brown College

George Brown College is a fully accredited college of applied arts, business and technology in downtown Toronto. Part of the Centre for Business (CfB), the School of Marketing offers degree, diploma and postgraduate programs that blend fundamental marketing principles with applied practice.

Program Overview

Digital Media Marketing (B413) is an accredited Ontario College Graduate Certificate program that “provides students with the foundational knowledge and applied skills employers value in marketing using digital media to build brands”. It’s delivered over 12 months with 2 semesters in-class and 1 semester of immersive work experience.

Digital Media Marketing (B413) FAQ and program overview from Professor Blair Smith

My Role

In addition to the duties and responsibilities of a full-time Professor of Marketing–under direction of the Chair and working with other coordinators–the Program Coordinator is responsible for planning and coordinating the overall program content for Digital Media Marketing. This includes:

  • Mapping course learning outcomes to program-level outcomes
  • Monitoring course objectives–topics–assessments
  • Participating in program reviews
  • Contributing to the development of new courses and/or related programs.

The Program Coordinator also organizes program-specific activities including:

  • Collaborating with professional organizations and industry partners
  • Participating on the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) for the School of Marketing
  • Speaking about the program in open houses and information sessions
  • Leading new student orientation sessions
  • Advising students on academic and professional issues
  • Evaluating course substitutions, exemptions and promotion

Program Coordinator from September 2017 to present.

Highlight Projects

Program Review 2021-2022 (in progress)
  • Conducted formal review of Digital Media Marketing program with feedback from PAC and industry partners, students and faculty
  • Analyzed program-related quantitative student feedback data and key performance indicators
  • Evaluated curriculum alignment to standards by mapping course outcomes to program learning outcomes outlined by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities
  • This all builds to writing a Program Quality Self Assessment (PQSA) report with insights, recommendations and an implementation plan to update the Digital Media Marketing program
COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Designed and facilitated an Academic Work Term course to provide agency-like digital marketing services on client projects that were managed and executed by students with faculty guidance
  • Oversaw program growth from 1x cohort of domestic students to 3x cohorts of mixed domestic and international students per semester during the pandemic–recruited new contract faculty, developed program-related marketing communication messaging and managed ongoing internal communication with program faculty
Partnership with Hootsuite
  • Initiated by me in 2018, I continue to lead the relationship between the CfB and Hootsuite to use Hootsuite Enterprise social media management software for both academic and administrative purposes
  • Integrated Hootsuite Academy online courses and certifications, Hootsuite Enterprise software and Hootsuite content and resources into the Digital Media Marketing program curriculum to enable authentic learning experiences for social media marketing
  • Collaborate with Hootsuite client success team to co-facilitate workshops, participate in guest speaking and other events
Design of DeXstudio Lab
  • Initiated by me in 2018, I developed a vision and proposal to create “a real-world industry-standard space” where learners build applied skills in digital marketing communication and media
  • Collaborated with internal partners from CfB administration, Facilities IT, Marketing and the School of Design; and external partners from Hootsuite and Brandwatch to turn the idea into reality
  • Managed the project to launch the DeXstudio in December 2019
Curriculum Review 2018-2019
  • Conducted competitive analysis, collected feedback from PAC and industry partners, and audited current courses to identify strengths and opportunities for the Digital Media Marketing program
  • Updated program curriculum by adding, editing and removing courses
  • Developed case to switch work experience term from 2nd to 3rd semester
  • Wrote briefing memo for Dean, Centre for Business and Vice President – Academic outlining proposed changes to the Digital Media Marketing program, which were approved and implemented

Find more information about the Digital Media Marketing graduate program at George Brown College

Here’s what some of my learners have had to say about their overall experience in this Digital Media Marketing program during my time as the Program Coordinator:

Mark Prince
I was in the Digital Media Marketing program, the cohort that started in January 2017. I recently wrote a blog post for Hatchways, a recruiting company I worked with, and there's a little anonymous shout-out to you in there. I thought I'd take the opportunity to send this quick note. Thanks for your investment in your students! It really makes a difference to those of us who are in the middle of figuring shit out. I think you're great.  

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