Social Media Marketing @ George Brown College

George Brown College is a fully accredited college of applied arts, business and technology in downtown Toronto. Part of the Centre for Business, the School of Marketing offers degree, diploma and postgraduate programs that blend fundamental marketing principles with applied practice.

The Brief

Soon after I started as full-time faculty, I was assigned to be the course lead of the existing Social Media Marketing course in the Digital Media Marketing (B413) postgraduate certificate program. Since then I’ve evolved it to ensure it provides learners with the fundamental strategies to consider for social marketing using social networks along with practice and thinking by doing social media management for their personal brand.

My Role

Lead designer of Social Media Marketing course, a 15-week postgraduate-level course delivered in both hybrid (50% in-class, 50% online) and facilitated interactive online (100% online) formats since 2015.

Course facilitator from September 2016 to December 2020.


  • Designed learning outcomes and course strategy from the perspective of doing social marketing with different organic and paid strategies and how to implement using different social networks to build a brand
  • Collaborated with faculty and industry partners to write the course outline (a.k.a. strategy) and course semester supplement (a.k.a. action plan) documents
  • Established partnership with Hootsuite to integrate Hootsuite Enterprise social media management software into the curriculum
  • Built course content around Hootsuite Platform Training and Social Marketing Training certifications from Hootsuite Academy, blog articles and other content from Hootsuite, and using the Hootsuite social media management software
  • Created bespoke assessments, activities and discussion questions
  • Use recorded learning modules and host live online workshops as part of the learning experience

Course Overview

Course Description

Organizations and individuals can also use social media to connect with their audience; and achieve marketing goals from brand awareness and engagement to revenue generation and customer service. Students will learn the strategy and planning process for using social media to build a brand–considering examples across a range of industries–and best practices for the main social networks. Students in Social Media Marketing will learn about the strategies for social media–social media management and monitoring, social listening, content for social media, community building, paid social and measurement. They will also demonstrate how to research, plan, publish, interact and analyze using industry-leading social media software. 

Learning Outcomes

When you have earned credit for this course, you will have demonstrated the ability to: 

  1. Explain the different components that go into a social media marketing strategy and tactics to support business/marketing goals 
  2. Discuss the best practices for using the main social networks to build a social brand
  3. Perform social media monitoring, social listening and sentiment analysis for insights 
  4. Conduct a social media marketing audit to make strategic recommendations for a brand 
  5. Practice different strategies for social media marketing 
  6. Demonstrate intermediate-level use of social media management and analytics software
  • Quizzes on fundamental concepts and terms for social marketing
  • Social stretch show and tell to find, evaluate and present a current topic or example for social marketing (i.e. news, something trending, good-bad-ugly example)
  • Social marketing audit on a brand by listening, monitoring and evaluating how a brand uses social networks for marketing and make recommendations
  • Social media management by using software to manage social networks to publish, interact and evaluate different strategies for their persona brand

Find more information about the Social Media Marketing (MARK1051) course at George Brown College website

Here’s what some of my learners have had to say about their experience in this Social Media Marketing course that I’ve facilitated:

Klowie Chung

Intelligent, kind and passionate are three words I would use to describe Blair. As a student in his social media marketing class at George Brown College, I learned about the latest trends, as well as essential strategies and tools to plan and execute social media campaigns. I am glad to have a professor like Blair who is always ready for students.