Social Media Marketing @ George Brown College

Overview of postgraduate-level Social Media Marketing course I designed and facilitated at George Brown College

George Brown College is a fully accredited college of applied arts, business and technology in downtown Toronto. Part of the Centre for Business, the School of Marketing offers degree, diploma and postgraduate programs that blends marketing fundamentals with applied practice.

Lead designer and facilitator of postgraduate-level Social Media Marketing (MARK1051) 15-week course, delivered in hybrid format (mixing online and in-person learning), since 2015.

  • Designed learning outcomes and course strategy from the perspective of brand marketing use of different strategies and social networks to build a brand
  • Wrote course outline (a.k.a. strategy) and course semester supplement (a.k.a. action plan) syllabi documents
  • Established partnership with Hootsuite to integrate Hootsuite Enterprise social media management software into the curriculum
  • Integrated Hootsuite Platform Training and Social Marketing Training courses from Hootsuite Academy into learning content
  • Created bespoke learning content, assessments, activities and discussion questions

View the Social Media Marketing (MARK1051) course outline on the George Brown College website

Intelligent, kind and passionate are three words I would use to describe Blair. As a student in his social media marketing class at George Brown College, I learned about the latest trends, as well as essential strategies and tools to plan and execute social media campaigns. I am glad to have a professor like Blair who is always ready for students.

Klowie Chung – Digital Media Marketing postgraduate Student @ George Brown College