An overview of how I invested my time to get better, to experience, to learn, to try, to relax. These are my projects, activities and interesting things I have done from September 2019 to December 2019.

The Professional Me

The Complete Me

  • Cycling with Team Bateman’s p/b C9AV race team
    • Competing in the Scrappy Badger gravel race, my final race of 2019
    • Starting off-season indoor cycling training @ the Spin Shack
  • Taking care of my full self with strength training @ Blast Athletic Club and yoga @ Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube
  • Planning…and counting down the days to mid-December departure for a month-long vacation with my wife and daughter in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Northern Thailand

Updated December 2019 | Inspired by the Now Now Now project by Derek Sivers