My Life in Marketing

I started working in 2001 as a “head hunter” (or the less bloody thirsty and more loving “professional matchmaker”) connecting people with consulting jobs in the Government of Canada. The work was fine, just fine. But after a couple of years, I realized this career didn’t enable me to be my best self. I decided to make a major career change–to try to bring my youness to life. And so in 2004, I started my life in marketing. Here’s the journey…

Developing modern marketers since 2015

Unplanned and life-changing. At the start of 2015, I got the opportunity to teach a continuing education Social Media Marketing course at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada. I did this in the evening while still working my brand marketing job during the day for Evergreen Canada and Evergreen Brick Works.

One course led to two courses. Two courses led to a brief stint as a part-time instructor. In January 2016, I started as full-time Professor in the School of Marketing at George Brown College. In September 2017, I took on the Program Coordinator role for the Digital Media Marketing postgraduate certificate.

Since March 2017, I’ve consulted with the Canadian Marketing Association as a Learning Experience Designer and Facilitator.

Now I invest my time creating learning content, designing and facilitating learning experiences to develop modern marketers. My areas of interest are brand/product management, marketing planning and analytics, content marketing and social media marketing. 

Building brands of different shapes and sizes from 2010-2015

I developed brand marketing experience across industries with organizations from global publicly-traded to national not-for-profit; including Evergreen Canada, Evergreen Brick Works, Intrepid Group and Merit Travel Group.

The common thread was working with organizations that wanted a business-minded marketer who was consumer-obsessed, and who understood how digital marketing communication worked.

During this time I was part of a Kashi x Evergreen Canada x Traffik Group team that won a Cause+Action award for cause marketing. Yay!

Immersing myself in “marketing” marketing from 2007-2010

I moved back to Toronto, Canada and started in brand marketing (a.k.a. product management, a.k.a. “marketing” marketing) at General Mills. There is no better marketing training in the world.

I had to apply critical and creative thinking to consumer product brand management processes for brand strategy, business and marketing strategy, annual business planning, and marketing communication management.

During this time I earned marketing leadership awards for Marketing Innovation and Mentoring New Marketers. Double yay!

Completing an MBA far away from 2006-2007

My amazing wife Sarah and I packed up and moved to Sydney, Australia. I completed a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a focus on marketing from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) at Macquarie University. She worked to make sure we had a roof over our head, food on the table..and that we were able to travel around Australia during school breaks.

My master’s research report explored principles of design-driven innovation applied at Electrolux, the global home appliance company. It achieved Highest Honours. Additionally, I earned the MGSM Award of Merit twice for achieving the highest grade in a course. Oddly, never in the marketing courses.

Starting the journey agency-side from 2005-2006

My marketing journey started with a cold call to the Director, Client Service at Acart Communications, the biggest marketing communication agency in Ottawa, Canada. Somehow I made the right impression as soon after she gave me the opportunity to start as an Account Executive.

At Acart, I mainly worked with Government of Canada clients to plan integrated marketing communication campaigns that used both traditional and digital media (read: Google search ads and static display ads) and manage web 1.0 site builds.

So yeah, I pretty much started working in marketing at the same time as digital marketing started. Together we have developed and evolved ever since. My path hasn’t linear or easy–there have been little bumps and deep valleys along the way to discovering my youness. 🙂